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function LoadDashBoard()
var loadUrl = "ajax/load_agents.php";
var ajax_load_bar = "<div align='center'><img src='images/loadingAnimation.gif' alt='loading...' /></div>";
$("#actdiv").html(ajax_load_bar).load(loadUrl,function() {
alert('load was performed');
delegate void SetCtrlCallback(string val, property p, Control ctrl);
private void SetCtrl(string value, property p, Control ctrl)
if (ctrl.InvokeRequired)
SetCtrlCallbackd = new SetCtrlCallback(SetCtrl);
this.Invoke(d, new object[] { val,p,ctrl });
contentBinding: SC.Binding.single('Machines.devicesController.selection'),
prop: 10,
contentDidChange: function() {
console.log("called first");
var sum= sum+this.get('prop');
var content = this.get('content');
var devid = this.content.get('id');