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Advanced Python Programming Example projects |

Here are a few examples of the projects we work on during our course. There is just 1 example per week. As you'll see, we focus a lot on design and skills that are hard to learn anywhere else. You'll be working on these projects with the constant presence and help from experienced mentors. Whenever you get stuck, you just raise your hand and someone will be there to help you. No time waste, no 2 hours of googling to get the wrong answer.

  • Tic Tac Toe: We start our first week with a simple project that allow us to practice the basic features of Python and a few important Functional Programming concepts.
  • Starwars API: Our second week deals with OOP, iterators and generators. You'll be in charge of building an SDK aroudn the Starwars API. You'll need to build a valid object model along with iterators and generators.
  • Jobs Detector: Our third week deals with advanced Python features as modules, packages, decorators and files. For this project you'll need to scrape Hacker News and parse job offerings to present them in an organized way to your user.
  • Twitter API: Week 4 is all about web development and RESTful APIs. In this project you'll have to build a real API simulating Twitter's behavior.


Minor correction on the spelling.

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