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Last active December 14, 2015 19:49
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A small bash script to download and start Sauce Connect as part of a Travis Build.
# Setup and start Sauce Connect for your TravisCI build
# This script requires your .travis.yml to include the following two private env variables:
# Follow the steps at to set that up.
# Curl and run this script as part of your .travis.yml before_script section:
# before_script:
# - curl | bash
# Get Connect and start it
mkdir -p $CONNECT_DIR
java -jar Sauce-Connect.jar --readyfile $READY_FILE \
--tunnel-identifier $TRAVIS_JOB_NUMBER \
# Wait for Connect to be ready before exiting
while [ ! -f $READY_FILE ]; do
sleep .5
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patcon commented Mar 27, 2013

You should add some logic around TRAVIS_SECURE_ENV_VARS to skip the download and run if we don't have access to the encrypted credentials :)

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This script becomes obsolete with the Sauce Connect build addon for Travis CI:

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andyli commented Feb 21, 2014

Seems like gists are now being served with a different host. To make the download more robust, there should be -L for curl, such that it follows redirect:

curl -L | bash

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