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video.addEventListener('play', () => {
//create the canvas from video element as we have created above
const canvas = faceapi.createCanvasFromMedia(video);
//append canvas to body or the dom element where you want to append it
// displaySize will help us to match the dimension with video screen and accordingly it will draw our detections
// on the streaming video screen
const displaySize = { width: video.width, height: video.height }
faceapi.matchDimensions(canvas, displaySize)
setInterval(async () => {
const detections = await faceapi.detectAllFaces(video, new faceapi.TinyFaceDetectorOptions()).withFaceLandmarks().withFaceExpressions()
const resizedDetections = faceapi.resizeResults(detections, displaySize)
canvas.getContext('2d').clearRect(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height)
faceapi.draw.drawDetections(canvas, resizedDetections)
faceapi.draw.drawFaceLandmarks(canvas, resizedDetections)
faceapi.draw.drawFaceExpressions(canvas, resizedDetections)
}, 100)
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