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Seo Sanghyeon sanxiyn

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use std::error::Error;
use std::fs;
use argparse::{ArgumentParser, Store};
fn main() -> Result<(), Box<Error>> {
let mut mailbox_name = String::new();
let mut parser = ArgumentParser::new();
parser.refer(&mut mailbox_name)
// cargo-deps: reqwest="0.9.9", serde="1.0", serde_derive="1.0"
extern crate serde_derive;
struct Ip {
origin: String
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finding compilers
CC_x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu = "cc"
AR_x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu = "ar"
CXX_x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu = "c++"
running sanity check
collecting channel variables
updating submodules
running: "git" "submodule" "sync"
Synchronizing submodule url for 'src/compiler-rt'
Synchronizing submodule url for 'src/jemalloc'
#![crate_type = "lib"]
extern crate rustc;
use rustc::mir::repr::{Location, Lvalue, Mir};
use rustc::mir::visit::{LvalueContext, MutVisitor};
use std::marker::PhantomData;
pub struct DefUseAnalysis<'tcx> {
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Dump of assembler code for function rustc_trans::back::write::diagnostic_handler:
0x00007ffff576c3b0 <+0>: push %rbp
0x00007ffff576c3b1 <+1>: mov %rsp,%rbp
0x00007ffff576c3b4 <+4>: sub $0x390,%rsp
0x00007ffff576c3bb <+11>: mov %rdi,-0x8(%rbp)
0x00007ffff576c3bf <+15>: mov %rsi,-0x10(%rbp)
0x00007ffff576c3c3 <+19>: lea -0xf8(%rbp),%rdi
0x00007ffff576c3ca <+26>: movb $0x0,-0x239(%rbp)
0x00007ffff576c3d1 <+33>: mov -0x8(%rbp),%rax
0x00007ffff576c3d5 <+37>: mov %rax,-0x18(%rbp)
View x 128ag $rsp
0x7fffea982fc8: 0x8 0x7fffea983378
0x7fffea982fd8: 0x7fffea983378 0xffffffffffffffff
0x7fffea982fe8: 0xffffffffffffffff 0x0
0x7fffea982ff8: 0x0 0xffffffffffffffff
0x7fffea983008: 0xffffffffffffffff 0x0
0x7fffea983018: 0x0 0x7fffe63acd70
0x7fffea983028: 0x7fffda94f580 0x0
0x7fffea983038: 0x0 0x0
0x7fffea983048: 0x0 0x0
0x7fffea983058: 0x7ffff1b40c2a <str78391> 0x0
View info proc mappings
process 31913
Mapped address spaces:
Start Addr End Addr Size Offset objfile
0x555555554000 0x555555555000 0x1000 0x0 /home/sanxiyn/rust/b/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/stage1/bin/rustc
0x555555754000 0x555555755000 0x1000 0x0 /home/sanxiyn/rust/b/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/stage1/bin/rustc
0x555555755000 0x555555787000 0x32000 0x0 [heap]
0x7fffd8000000 0x7fffda9c6000 0x29c6000 0x0
0x7fffda9c6000 0x7fffdc000000 0x163a000 0x0
0x7fffdc000000 0x7fffdfdb2000 0x3db2000 0x0
View ll.diff
--- arm.filtered.ll 2016-03-12 18:48:02.186454259 +0900
+++ i686.filtered.ll 2016-03-12 18:48:16.522659569 +0900
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-; ModuleID = 'arm.bc'
-target datalayout = "e-m:e-p:32:32-i64:64-v128:64:128-a:0:32-n32-S64"
-target triple = "arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf"
+; ModuleID = 'i686.bc'
+target datalayout = "e-m:e-p:32:32-f64:32:64-f80:32-n8:16:32-S128"
+target triple = "i686-unknown-linux-gnu"
string = '''
interface NamedEntity {
name: String
state = 0
index = 0
for position in range(len(string)):
character = string[position]
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Created Oct 16, 2013
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