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A Google Summer of Code 2020 Report

MariaDB. Optimizing the distribution of tasks in a treadpool

Project description

The purpose of this project is to update algorithm of task distribution in a threadpool in MariadDB. Specifically, what algorithm to use for dynamic concurrency. This is the algorithm "hill-climbing", which is used in .NET ThreadPool.


class hill_climbing
  • is the main class, that contains code for HillClimbing algorithm.
class hill_climbing_mgr
  • class, that manipulates with HillClimbing params.
class complex
  • class for working with complex numbers, used in HillClimbing algorithm.
void thread_pool_generic::maybe_wake_or_create_thread()
  • function, that uses HillClimbing algorithm and trying to predict optimal concurrency level.

Source Code (GitHub)

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