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Created April 9, 2023 12:47
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fun HorizontalPager(
pageCount: Int,
modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
state: PagerState = rememberPagerState(),
contentPadding: PaddingValues = PaddingValues(0.dp),
pageSize: PageSize = PageSize.Fill,
beyondBoundsPageCount: Int = 0,
pageSpacing: Dp = 0.dp,
verticalAlignment: Alignment.Vertical = Alignment.CenterVertically,
flingBehavior: SnapFlingBehavior = PagerDefaults.flingBehavior(state = state),
userScrollEnabled: Boolean = true,
reverseLayout: Boolean = false,
key: ((index: Int) -> Any)? = null,
pageNestedScrollConnection: NestedScrollConnection = PagerDefaults.pageNestedScrollConnection(
pageContent: @Composable (page: Int) -> Unit
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