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Sample Code Snippet for Blog Structure Data Markup
<!-- JSON-LD markup generated by Google Structured Data Markup Helper. -->
<script type="application/ld+json">
"@context" : "",
"@type" : "BlogPosting",
"headline" : "Collision Insurance",
"datePublished" : "2015-12-03",
"image": {
"@type": "ImageObject",
"url": "",
"height": 800,
"width": 800
"author" : {
"@type" : "Person",
"name" : "Chris"
"description": "As mentioned above, the higher the deductible, the lower your insurance premiums will be. It is important though to remember",
"articleBody" : "While it may seem self-explanatory, there also might be some misty fog around the term and what it exactly it means and that’s why we’re here. Call this is your one-stop guide to everything on collision", //Should we include whole article body in it
"publisher": {
"@type": "Organization",
"name": "Ensurify",
"logo": {
"@type": "ImageObject",
"url": "", // Logo image is required
"width": 600,
"height": 60
"dateModified" : "2015-12-03",
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