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Sass Modifiers Mixin
// ----
// Sass (v3.4.21)
// Compass (v1.0.3)
// ----
// Sass modifiers mixin by Sarah Dayan
// Generate All Your Utility Classes with Sass Maps:
$colors: (
red: #ff3538,
grey: (
base: #404145,
light: #c7c7cd
yellow: (
base: #ecaf2d
green: (
base: #5ad864
$font-sizes: (
small: 12px,
medium: 14px,
large: 16px,
x-large: 18px,
xx-large: 20px
@mixin modifiers($map, $attribute, $prefix: '-', $separator: '-', $base: 'base') {
@each $key, $value in $map {
&#{if($key != $base, #{$prefix}#{$key}, '')} {
@if type-of($value) == 'map' {
@include modifiers($value, $attribute, $separator);
@else {
#{$attribute}: $value;
.text {
@include modifiers($colors, 'color', $separator: ':');
@include modifiers($font-sizes, 'font-size', '--');
.text-red {
color: #ff3538;
.text-grey {
color: #404145;
.text-grey:light {
color: #c7c7cd;
.text-yellow {
color: #ecaf2d;
.text-green {
color: #5ad864;
.text--small {
font-size: 12px;
.text--medium {
font-size: 14px;
.text--large {
font-size: 16px;
.text--x-large {
font-size: 18px;
.text--xx-large {
font-size: 20px;
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onetrev commented Jun 26, 2018

Thanks for the article and making this gist. Using Sass mixins for utility classes in order to keep things leaner and simpler than say Tachyons or Tailwind is a great idea! Only thing I wondered, as I can't see any easy way to do this, would it be at all possible to also incorporate @media queries in this mixin for handy breakpoint changes to your utilities?

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mattfelten commented Jul 3, 2018

This is great, Sarah. Do you have any ideas for how to modify this to support passing multiple attributes to the mixin? For instance, I'm iterating through our spacing scale and creating .padding-x-<size> classes that would include both padding-left and padding-right attributes.

Edit: I figured it out. Basically adding another check to see if $attribute is a list and looping through them. See here:

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zachbryant commented Jun 9, 2020

Why isn't separator used in the modifiers mixin?

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raphaelobene commented Oct 28, 2022

@sarahdayan, this is awesome. Could you please explain how negative values (eg. -4px) can be supported? Is there a way to handle @media queries in the @mixin for handy breakpoint changes?

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