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Python scripts to read a list of customer emails and send an email with the daily weather forecast
import weather
import smtp
Send a greeting email to our customer email list
with the daily weather forecast and schedule
def get_emails():
# Reading emails from a file
emails = {}
email_file = open('emails.txt', 'r')
for line in email_file:
(email, name) = line.split(',')
emails[email] = name.strip()
except FileNotFoundError as err:
return emails
def get_schedule():
# Reading our schedule from a file
schedule_file = open('schedule.txt', 'r')
schedule =
except FileNotFoundError as err:
return schedule
def main():
# Get our dictionary of customer emails and names
emails = get_emails()
# Get our daily performance schedule
schedule = get_schedule()
# Get the current weather forecast
forecast = weather.get_weather_forecast()
# Send emails to all of our customers with our forecast and schedule
smtp.send_emails(emails, schedule, forecast)
main(), Flying Python, Sarah Buchanan, hal
Ventriloquism - 9:00am
Snake Charmer - 12:00pm
Amazing Acrobatics - 2:00pm
Enchanted Elephants - 5:00pm
import smtplib
def send_emails(emails, schedule, forecast):
# Connect to the smtp server
server = smtplib.SMTP('', '587')
# Start TLS encryption
# Login
password = input("What's your password?")
from_email = ''
server.login(from_email, password)
# Send to entire email list
for to_email, name in emails.items():
message = 'Subject: Welcome to the Circus!\n'
message += 'Hi ' + name + '!\n\n'
message += forecast + '\n\n'
message += "Today's Performance Schedule:"
message += schedule + '\n\n'
message += 'Hope to see you there!'
server.sendmail(from_email, to_email, message)
import requests
def get_weather_forecast():
# Connecting to the weather api
url = ',fl&units=imperial&appid=f641b59e03463c808393605f493b1f93'
weather_request = requests.get(url)
weather_json = weather_request.json()
# Parsing JSON
description = weather_json['weather'][0]['description']
temp_min = weather_json['main']['temp_min']
temp_max = weather_json['main']['temp_max']
# Creating our forecast string
forecast = 'The Circus forecast for today is '
forecast += description + ' with a high of ' + str(int(temp_max))
forecast += ' and a low of ' + str(int(temp_min)) + '.'
return forecast
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Hi Sarah !
First thanks for sharing your code,

I had an issue when running your code. Can you help on this ? :)

C:\Python27\python.exe D:/Gist/emailer/
What's your password?test
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:/Gist/emailer/", line 52, in <module>
  File "D:/Gist/emailer/", line 49, in main
    smtp.send_emails(emails, schedule, forecast)
  File "D:\Gist\emailer\", line 11, in send_emails
    password = input("What's your password?")
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
NameError: name 'test' is not defined

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@casdidier, I think you had typo in Please check

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bhaumin commented Apr 23, 2016

@casdidier, I believe this code is for Python 3. So either run with Python 3+ interpreter.
Or, you can try changing input() to raw_input() for Python 2.7.

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bbelderbos commented Mar 23, 2017

@casdidier to support both input() and raw_input() you can do:
from builtins import input
(edit: seems you need to install that for py2, so maybe do a try/except on raw_input rather)

However I would probably get the pw from my OS environment so I can run this automatically / in a cronjob:

password = os.environ.get('MAIL_PASSWORD')
(or make it a constant at the top of the script)

(edit2: same for API key that is exposed in source)

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Can this program be written calling only one txt file? i meant email.txt and schedule.txt merged in one file and the mails to be sent to only selected mail IDs?

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