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PayPal IPN using Active merchant
if Rails.env.production?
ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.mode = :test
<% payment_service_for @item_number, PAYPAL_ACCOUNT, :amount => @amount, :currency => @currency, :service => :paypal do |service|
service.customer :first_name => @user.first_name, :last_name => @user.last_name, :phone =>, :email =>
service.billing_address :city =>, :address1 => @user.address1, :state => @user.state, :country =>, :zip =>
service.item_name "Testing IPN"
service.invoice @invoice "0.00"
service.return_url url_for(:only_path => false, :controller => 'pay_pal',:action => 'show')
service.cancel_return_url url_for(:only_path => false, :controller => 'pay_pal', :action => 'cancel') %>
<%= submit_tag 'Make Payment'%>
<% end %>
require 'ostruct'
class PayPalController < ApplicationController
#include active merchant billing
include ActiveMerchant::Billing::Integrations
def create
#create a user object, not required, but ideally this is shown as a demonstration of the user data that comes
#from your database
_user = {:first_name => "saran", :last_name => "v", :email => "", :address1 => "awesome ln", :city => "Austin", :state => "TX", :zip => "78759", :country => "USA", :phone => "5120070070" }
#using openstruct to access the hash by a dot notation
@user = _user
@amount = "0.01"
@currency = "USD"
#a random invoice number for test.
@invoice = Integer rand(1000)
#this will also come from your product database
@item_number = "123"
def notify
#handle notification here. You can use this response
#to update your database, etc.
#for now lets print the notification raw response
notify =
p "Notification object is #{notify}"
if notify.acknowledge
p "Transaction ID is #{notify.transaction_id}"
p "Notification object is #{notify}"
p "Notification status is #{notify.status}"
render :nothing => true
def show
#gets redirected here when the transaction is successful

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@tomprats tomprats commented Apr 12, 2014

How does paypal know to hit your notify url. It doesn't look like you pass that url anywhere

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