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Will Fife sarlalian

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# Description: Boxstarter Script
# Author: Rod Treweek
# Last Updated: 2018-09-10
# Install boxstarter:
# . { iwr -useb } | iex; get-boxstarter -Force
# You might need to set: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
# Run this boxstarter by calling the following from an **elevated** command-prompt:
sarlalian /
Created Jan 31, 2020 — forked from kacole2/
Kubernetes 1.14.1 Installation using kubeadm on vSphere with CentOS7

Steps to Install Kubernetes on CentOS7 with Kubeadm and vSphere

  1. On the master node: Edit the vsphere.conf file within the to match your environment. Copy to the master node:
sudo chmod u+x
sudo ./
  1. On each worker node copy
sarlalian / wordlist.txt
Created Jun 13, 2018 — forked from stevepaulo/wordlist.txt
Mnemonic word list for server names, release names, etc... solve the "hard problem" of naming things
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Word selection criteria:
- The wordlist contains 1626 words.
- All words are between 4 and 7 letters long.
- No word in the list is a prefix of another word (e.g. visit, visitor).
- Five letter prefixes of words are sufficient to be unique.
The rest of the criteria are less strict. You may find exceptions to all of them because it is difficult to satisfy them all at the same time.
- The words should be usable by people all over the world. The list is far from perfect in that respect. It is heavily biased towards western culture and English in particular. The international vocabulary is simply not big enough. One can argue that even words like "hotel" or "radio" are not truly international. You will find many English words in the list but I have tried to limit them to words that are part of a beginner's vocabulary or words that have close relatives in other european languages. In some cases a word has a different meaning

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