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(ns color-sorting.core
(:require [reagent.core :as reagent]))
(def colors ["blue" "yellow" "green" "purple" "red"])
(def color-row (reagent/atom ["blue" "yellow" "green"]))
(def sorted-color-row (reagent.ratom/reaction (sort @color-row)))
(defn square [color]
[:svg {:style {:background color
:width "20px"
:height "20px"}}
(defn sorted-colors []
;; random generation for sequence of color cubes.
;; using reagent's reaction for the sorted sequence allows
;; repeated usage of `sorted-color-row` while only being calculated once
[:button {:on-click #(swap! color-row conj (->> colors count rand-int (get colors)))} "new color!"]
[:button {:on-click #(reset! color-row [])} "reset"]
[:p "original:\n" (map square @color-row)]
[:p "sorted:\n" (map square @sorted-color-row)]
[:p "reverse:\n" (reverse (map square @sorted-color-row))]])
(reagent/render [sorted-colors] (.getElementById js/document "app"))
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