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import time
import random
import datetime
import telepot
After **inserting token** in the source code, run it:
$ python2.7
[Here is a tutorial](
teaching you how to setup a bot on Raspberry Pi. This simple bot does nothing
but accepts two commands:
- `/roll` - reply with a random integer between 1 and 6, like rolling a dice.
- `/time` - reply with the current time, like a clock.
def handle(msg):
chat_id = msg['chat']['id']
command = msg['text']
print 'Got command: %s' % command
if command == '/roll':
bot.sendMessage(chat_id, random.randint(1,6))
elif command == '/time':
bot.sendMessage(chat_id, str(
bot = telepot.Bot('*** INSERT TOKEN ***')
print 'I am listening ...'
while 1:
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