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@satyr satyr/obmint.uc.js
Last active Dec 16, 2015

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// ==UserScript==
// @name (always) Open Bookmarks in New Tabs
// @compat Firefox 20+
// @author satyr
// @license X
// @include main
// ==/UserScript==
PlacesUIUtils.openNodeWithEvent =
function PUIU_openNodeWithEventInNewTab(node, event, view) {
var where =
PlacesUtils.nodeIsBookmark(node) &&
.itemHasAnnotation(node.itemId, this.LOAD_IN_SIDEBAR_ANNO)
|| node.uri.startsWith('javascript:')
? 'current'
: event.button
? 'tabshifted'
: 'tab'
this._openNodeIn(node, where, view.ownerWindow)
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