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Order cycle management report in a single SQL query
select spree_line_items.order_id, spree_products.supplier_id, sum(spree_line_items.price * spree_line_items.quantity) AS amount
from spree_line_items
join spree_variants
on = spree_line_items.variant_id
join spree_products
on = spree_variants.product_id
join enterprises
on = spree_products.supplier_id
NOT (lower("public"."enterprises"."name") like '%prueba%')
AND NOT (lower("public"."enterprises"."name") like '%test%')
AND NOT (lower("public"."enterprises"."email_address") like '%prova%')
AND NOT (lower("public"."enterprises"."email_address") like '')
AND NOT (lower("public"."enterprises"."email_address") like '%prueba%')
AND NOT (lower("public"."enterprises"."email_address") like '%test%')
AND "public"."enterprises"."is_primary_producer" = TRUE
AND date_trunc('month', CAST("public"."enterprises"."created_at" AS timestamp)) = date_trunc('month', CAST((NOW() + INTERVAL '-1 month') AS timestamp))
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