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Review of the process

We will check epics to see whether the criteria in terms of performance has been met.

Tech and Po check from time to time how we do in terms of reaching the goal and adapting.

Filipe is still finding his way and will share any process improvements as soon as he has grasps it all and has ideas.

Current roadmap priorities

We did a 1st batch of amazing improvements that we still need to evaluate in production in the next few days.

The shopfront pagination is being tested and hopefully can be moved forward.

There's excitment about the PR above and all the progress done in performance.

Pau will try to prepare to the agreed set schedule for releases. We've been talking quite a lot about it and we need to put it into practice.

We should keep an eye on the code review for the Hacktoberfest issues so contributors don't loose momentum.

We started preparing a new Ruby upgrade but there were two tiny little test failures. Needs investigating and fixing. It's important to understand that the Ruby version will benefit performance. We move them to the top of tech backlog.

Lynne has the task to test the API endpoint #4268 and verify we have all we need for Zapier. Once done we can close the API epic.

Luis can do the work around perf. while Pau keeps the eagle eye perspective and keep checking Datadog. This seems to fit nicely on both's agreed comitments.

Luis asked to postpone the S1 to wait for pagination which might fix it. No one is yelling out though.

How major things are going

Another dev needs to check the OC document Lynne and Rachel put together. We're still on the inception phase.

A good way to move it forward is to have a meeting with everyone. Luis will setup the meeting.

Anything else in the pipe?


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