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(s/def ::tag integer?)
(def instructions
docker build -t cerebral-baobab .
docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/src/ cerebral-baobab
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -o errexit
set -o nounset
set -o xtrace
set -o pipefail
git remote set-url origin https://$$TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG.git
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sudo: true
language: clojure
before_install: yes y | sudo lein upgrade
- lein test
after_success: ./scripts/ 2>&1 | sed "s/$GITHUB_TOKEN/<hidden github token>/"
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riff = a1/c16/e+ c/e c/e- c/e+ > f f f
riff2 = o8 c16 d-
o1 riff*5
o5 a1/c16/e+ c/e c/e- c/e+
> f f f f f
riff2*4 (vol 80) riff2*4 (vol 50) riff2*4 (vol 20) riff2*4 (vol 10) riff2*4
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(s/def ::edge-fn fn?)
(s/def ::input (s/coll-of keyword?))
(s/def ::output (s/coll-of keyword?))
(s/def ::edge (s/keys :req [::edge-fn ::input ::output]))
(s/def ::dynamic-edge-fn (s/fn :ret ::edge))
(s/def ::dynamic-edge (s/keys :req [::dynamic-edge-fn ::input]))
(s/def ::graph (s/coll-of (s/or ::edge ::dynamic-edge)))
(s/def ::state
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;; terms:
;; label: is the name of an event we want to log, i.e. :start, :end, etc
;; input: is the stuff you want to log i.e. {:id 1 :start-time 20}
;; compute-graph: is a graph that that takes in the existing mapping of labels->computed
;; along with the `input`, and returns the new `computed` for the event.
;; computed: is the return value of compute-graph
;; handler: map of label to handle function. Each handle function is called with the `labels->computed`
;; that exist when the that event is called.
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(defn map-vals-w-keys
"Takes each [k v] in map m and changes it to [k (f k v)] "
[f m]
(into {}
(for [[k v] m]
[k (f k v)])))
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(ns clojush.log
(require [plumbing.graph :as graph]
[plumbing.core :as plumbing]
[ :as map]
[plumbing.fnk.pfnk :as pfnk]
[lazy-map.core :as lazy-map]))
(defmacro lazy-map-self


# kubernetes
brew cask install minikube
minikube start

# helm
brew install kubernetes-helm
helm init