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  • cancel action : C-g
  • query/replace in selected : C-<space> select region >>> M-x >> replace-string >> ....
  • copy/cut paste : M-w/C-w C-y
  • del i.e kill line: M-x
  • list bufferes : C-x C-b ; close it : C-x 1
  • Switch buffers : C-x b or select from C-x C-f
  • Save all buffer : C-x s this will ask you for all unsaved buffer
  • File ops [todo: anything from below if repeated above, delete the above one]
	C-x C-f		Find file
	C-x C-s		Save file
	C-x s		  Save some buffers
	C-x C-b		List buffers
	C-x b		  Switch buffer
	C-x C-c		Quit Emacs
	C-x 1		  Delete all but one window
	C-x u		  Undo
	M-x		Recover file (emacs autosave as #<file-name>#, recover unsaved by C-x C-f + M-x)


  • make cursor text to center -> top -> bottom : C-l
  • page up/down - C-v / M-v
  • nav word/line
  C-b <----char back/forth---->	C-f	
  M-b <----word back/forth---->	M-f	
  C-p <----line up/down------->	C-n
  C-p <----line start/end----->	C-n
  C-a	Move to beginning of line
  C-e	Move to end of line
  M-a	Move back to beginning of sentence
  M-e	Move forward to end of sentence
  • repeat cmd : C-u <num> or M-<num> and cmd
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