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@sauravtom sauravtom/Annoy.bat
Created Jun 7, 2012

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Simple batch file program that displays a list of messages and then goes to loop.
@echo off
title Ok so get ready to be annoyed,
msg * Hello %username%, I am Saurav
msg * How are you %username%?
msg * I am fine.
msg * .......
msg * this is a whale , '____________________________'
msg * I hope this annoying string of messages finds you in the best of your health.
msg * Since this is one way conversation, almost all of the talking will be done by me only.
msg * Soooooooo, hows life going for you, %username% ?
msg * you can reply to me in mail , ;)
msg * I like apples.
msg * do you like apples?
msg * Oops I forgot for a second that this is one way conversation only.
msg * And today is %date% and its %time% right now, I am obsessed with accurate numbers.
msg * Talking of numbers, I really like the number %random%, but I like %random% even more, or mayebe %random% even more, ahh its not easy decide which is my second favorite number after 1729, wait maybe its %random%
msg * And you are using %OS% ,on a %processor_architecture%, installed in drive %homedrive%.
msg * You see, I know a lot of things, (I even know what you did last summer ;)
msg * So you saved the file in %cd%, hmmm , I must say it is a nice place to save some malicious files you downloaded from the internet or found it in your mail that I sent you.
msg * But dont worry %username%,rest assured, there is nothing malicious going on here, (except of the fact that it never ends) ;)
goto annoy
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