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Last active May 1, 2018
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Python class to overlay metadata in CONTENTdm via Catcher (edit only). Catcher docs at: Sample script using this class at:
from suds.client import Client
class Catcher(object):
"""A CONTENTdm Catcher session."""
def __init__(self, url=url, user=user, password=password, license=license):
self.transactions = []
self.client = Client('')
self.url = url
self.user = user
self.password = password
self.license = license
def processCONTENTdm(self, action, user, password, license, alias, metadata):
# function to connect to CatcherServices and process metadata updates
transaction = self.client.service.processCONTENTdm(action, url, user, password, license, alias, metadata)
def edit(self, alias, recordid, field, value):
#function to edit metadata--call packageMetadata and processCONTENTdm
metadata = self.packageMetadata('edit', recordid, field, value)
self.processCONTENTdm('edit', self.user, self.password, self.license, alias, metadata)
def packageMetadata(self, action, recordid, field, value):
#function to package metadata in metadata wrapper
action = action
if action == 'edit':
metadata = self.client.factory.create('metadataWrapper')
metadata.metadataList = self.client.factory.create('metadataWrapper.metadataList')
metadata1 = self.client.factory.create('metadata')
metadata1.field = 'dmrecord'
metadata1.value = recordid
metadata2 = self.client.factory.create('metadata')
metadata2.field = field
metadata2.value = value
metadata.metadataList.metadata = [metadata1, metadata2]
return metadata
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