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Data Science,What is data science? (,How To Get Started In Data Science (,Who's Getting The Big Bucks? (,How To Build A data Science Team (,Data Science Bootcamp (,Data Science Toolkit (,Data Science of the Facebook World (,Why The Term “Data Science” Is Flawed But Useful (,Tools For The Data Science Craftsman (,A List of Data Science Resources (,7 command-line tools for data science (,Useful Unix commands for data science15 Jul 2013 (
Data Journalism,The Guardian Data Blog (,Data Journalism Handbook (,Scraping For Journalists (,Journalism In The Age Of Data (,How To Be A Data Journalist (,5 Tips For Getting Started In Data Journalism (,The Newsroom Stack (,Finding Stories In The Structure Of Data (,How The Guardian Does Data Journalism (,Getting Started With Data Journalism (,The Many Faces And Forms Of Data Journalism (,Investigating Data Journalism (,IRE Database Library (
Data Products,The Art Of Turning Data Into Product (,The Evolution Of Data Products (,Designing Great Data Products (,The Need For Data Products (,Use Data To Drive Product Development (,Data Driven Design With The McLaren P1 (,Data Driven Design In The Real World (,Data Driven Design: A Simple Primer (,Unlocking the Power of Data-Driven Design (
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