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class CaesarCypher
CHAR_DISTRIBUTION = {'a'=>8.167,'b'=>1.492,'c'=>2.782,'d'=>4.253,'e'=>12.702,'f'=>2.228,'g'=>2.015,'h'=>6.094,'i'=>6.966,'j'=>0.153,'k'=>0.772,'l'=>4.025,'m'=>2.406,'n'=>6.749,'o'=>7.507,'p'=>1.929,'q'=>0.095,'r'=>5.987,'s'=>6.327,'t'=>9.056,'u'=>2.758,'v'=>0.978,'w'=>2.361,'x'=>0.150,'y'=>1.974,'z'=>0.074}
IDEAL_ORDER = Hash[CHAR_DISTRIBUTION.sort_by { |_, v| -v }].keys
def encode(message, shift) do |char|
if char =~ /[a-z]/
encode_char char, shift, 97
elsif char =~ /[A-Z]/
encode_char char, shift, 65
def decode(message, shift)
encode(message, -shift)
def decode_guess(message)
guesses = {}
25.times do |shift|
test_decode = decode message, shift
letters = letters_order_by_count(test_decode)
guesses[shift] = similarity_index(letters)
decode message, guesses.max_by{|k,v| v}[0]
def encode_char(char, shift, ascii_diff)
((char.ord - ascii_diff + shift) % 26 + ascii_diff).chr
def letters_order_by_count(message)
letters = count_letters(message)
total = letters.values.inject(0, :+).to_f
letters.each do |letter, count|
letters[letter] = count / total * 100
Hash[letters.sort_by { |_, v| -v }].keys
def count_letters(message)
letters_only = message.downcase.gsub /[^a-zA-Z]/, ''
Hash[letters_only.split('').group_by{|x| x}.map{|k,v| [k,v.count] }]
# IDEAL_ORDER = ["e", "t", "a", "o", "i", "n", "s", "h", "r", "d", "l", "c", "u", "m", "w", "f", "g", "y", "p", "b", "v", "k", "j", "x", "q", "z"]
# letters = ["e", "n", "a", "t", "i", "o", "s", "r", "d", "l", "h", "c", "u", "p", "m", "y", "g", "w", "f", "b", "v", "k", "x", "j", "q"]
def similarity_index(letters)
matches = 0
letters.each_with_index do |char, i|
position_percentage = letters.find_index(char) / 26.0 * 100
ideal_position_percentage = IDEAL_ORDER.find_index(char) / 26.0 * 100
if (ideal_position_percentage - position_percentage).abs < THRESHOLD_PERCENTAGE
matches += 1
caesar_cypher =
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encoded = caesar_cypher.encode original, 3
puts "Original: #{original}"
puts '-----'
puts "Encoded: #{encoded}"
puts '-----'
puts "Decoded: #{caesar_cypher.decode encoded, 3}"
puts '-----'
puts "Guessed: #{caesar_cypher.decode_guess encoded}"
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