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Download all files in a group. You have to enable popups. Only tested in chrome.
# How to use:
1. Navigate to the files tab (
2. Press F12.
3. Paste script in console and run it.
4. Enjoy downloading files!
# Not working?
1. Enable popups
2. Try too use chrome
// forEach method, could be shipped as part of an Object Literal/Module
var forEach = function (array, callback, scope) {
for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {, i, array[i]); // passes back stuff we need
// Usage:
// optionally change the scope as final parameter too, like ECMA5
var myNodeList = document.querySelectorAll('.page-content .yj-thumbnail-item-link');
forEach(myNodeList, function (index, value) {
var fileid = value.getAttribute("data-id");
var downloadPath = ""+fileid+"/download";
var popup =;
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