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Stephen Bussey sb8244

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DeviceNotifier =, :count) do
def call
notifications.each do |notif|
def pusher
sb8244 / cluster_loader_balancer.ex
Created Jul 30, 2019
ClusterLoadBalancer for balancing anything (WebSocket) across a cluster
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# We use this ClusterLoadBalancer to prevent hot nodes in our load balanced setup.
# The WebSockets are provided by Phoenix through the PushEx application
# The load balancer's `Worker` module is where the bulk of the cluster orchestration happens, using pg2 for cross node communication
defmodule ClusterLoadBalancer.Behavior do
@moduledoc """
Behavior for implementing a ClusterLoadBalancer compatible tool.
@callback count() :: number
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import { Pushex } from 'pushex'
import { getToken } from './tokenService'
const pushexOptions = {
getParams: () => getToken().then(({ token }) => Promise.resolve({ token })),
onConnectionError: pushex => {
View troll.ex
defmodule SteveTrollsElixir.Private do
defmacro __using__(_) do
quote do
import unquote(__MODULE__)
@on_definition {unquote(__MODULE__), :on_priv_def}
defmacro private() do
quote do
View fun_with_router.ex
defmodule TestRouter do
def build(routes) do
contents =
quote do
use Plug.Router
plug :match
plug :dispatch, fn %{match: match, assign: assign} ->
sb8244 / chartkick.ex
Created May 16, 2021
This allows chartkick to be embedded in LiveViews
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defmodule Chartkick do
@moduledoc """
Adapted from to work with LiveView.
Works in conjunction with Phoenix LiveView hooks to render charts using Chartkick.js library.
require EEx
gen_chart_fn = fn chart_type ->
View contentful-import.json
"contentTypes": [
"sys": {
"space": {
"sys": {
"type": "Link",
"linkType": "Space",
"id": "hq8sy8wk8n0y"
sb8244 / notion.ex
Created Dec 22, 2021
Example of fetching pages and blocks from Notion's public API in Elixir
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defmodule Clove.Connections.Client.Notion do
# There is not a way to filter last_edited_time, so consumer should check if it needs to fetch the blocks or not
# This will help for deletion detection, though
def retrieve_pages(connection) do
request = %{
method: :post,
url: "#{base_url()}/v1/search",
params: %{
"query" => "",
"sort" => %{
View hook-example.js
* This example is just copy/pasted from my code base. The gist of it is that `this.pushEventTo` on the hook
* will send an event over the LiveView channel that is processed by the component/LiveView that's mounted at
* that element.
* I recommend using pushEventTo instead of pushEvent because I've run into situations where the event gets sent
* to the incorrect component or LiveView.
const GeneratePDFButton = {
mounted() {
View header.html
<script type="text/javascript">
if ( !== window.self) {