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# How to install `ipkg` on a Synology DS214
After a couple of days of trying to get `ipkg` woking on my DS214 I found [this article]( by [trepmag]( It is written for the DS213j, but it’s been working for me and [others]( for the DS214 too.
I have done some minor changed to clarify some things, but if you are a Linux guy (unlike me) my changes might be of no use to you.
## Guide
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module RemoteHelpers
using Base: sync_add
function remote_call_from_module(w, expression::Expr)
call_expr = :(remotecall($w, eval, Main, $(Expr(:quote, expression))))
eval(Main, call_expr)
remote_eval(w, expression::Expr) = remote_call_from_module(w, expression)