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Hide Subscriber Users from BuddyPress member Directory
function bpdev_exclude_users($qs=false,$object=false){
//list of users to exclude
if($object!='members')//hide for members only
return $qs;
$excluded_user=join(',',bpdev_get_subscriber_user_ids());//comma separated ids of users whom you want to exclude
//check if we are searching for friends list etc?, do not exclude in this case
return $qs;
return $qs;
function bpdev_get_subscriber_user_ids(){
$subscribers= get_users( array( 'role' => 'subscriber', 'fields' => 'ID' ) );
return $users;
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so this goes in members loops ?
I want to show only members that have a certain pmpro level

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Hi, I'm a newbie and know very little php.
I want to hide buddypress to all subscribers. As I am reading this you have to enter the subscriber ids as indicated //comma separated ids of users whom you want to exclude. Is there any way to indicate all subscribers and not enter the ids? I am going to allow subscribers to sign up as general public and do not want them to have access to buddypress or bbpress. Non-subscribers will have access to buddypress and bbpress. Is this possible to do?
Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Hi sbrajesh,

There is a mistake on line 33. It should be return $subscribers not return $users

Also if you need to add multiple roles you can do this (You need to have at least WordPress Version 4.4 for this to work!):

function bpdev_get_user_ids(){
  $users = get_users( array( 'role__in' => ['customer', 'subscriber'], 'fields' => 'ID' ) );
  return $users;

You can put sbrajesh code in bp-custom.php in the plugins folder. See here for more insight:

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Thanks, sbrajesh, for this. It's exactly what I needed!

Thanks, unuigbee for catching this:

There is a mistake on line 33. It should be return $subscribers not return $users

As well as your suggestion for excluding multiple member types.

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majecdad commented Jun 1, 2016

Thank you sbrajesh for sharing this code, and unuigbee for the adjustments for multiple roles. It now works awesome. However, it needed a mod that I literally spent half day trying to figure out (which just proves how green I am sometimes) :) so I post this for the next 'copy and paste' coder who is looking for this fix.

I could not get it to work until I changed function bpdev_get_user_ids() in the multiple roles part to
function bpdev_get_subscriber_user_ids() which then matched what was in the original code.

The multiple roles thing was huge for me, so I really appreciate that. I'm really not sure if I should have changed the other part instead (removing the word subscriber), but once I got it to work, I didn't dare touch it again. :) If it's a big deal and I should change it, please let me know.

Thanks all.

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Has anyone made this work by hiding users based on Paid Memberships Pro level?

Ex: hide users with membership level 1,2,3 from BuddyPress Member Directory

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Hastibe commented Aug 26, 2020

Would anyone be able to help me with modifying this code so that all user roles are hidden, except for users with a specified user role?

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Super late reply, but for @Hastibe and anyone else who wants to exclude all but one role, change the exclude to include.

// Helper for fetching all IDs to include. Returns an array in this example.
$included_user_ids = my_function_to_fetch_all_users_by_role();

$args = wp_parse_args( $qs );
$args['include'] = implode( ',', $included_user_ids );

$qs = build_query( $args );

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