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Stephan Burlot sburlot

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marc-etienne /
Created Sep 2, 2010
Installs iOS SDK from XCode 3 to XCode 4
# Copyright 2010 Edovia. All rights reserved.
# Created by Marc-Etienne M.Léveillé on 02-08-10
function exit_with_message {
echo $1
exit 1
if [ $UID -ne 0 ]; then
iamleeg / pileOfPoo.m
Created Mar 22, 2012
The pile of poo Objective-C method
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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@interface A: NSObject
@implementation A
void pileOfPoo(id self, SEL _cmd) {
@size = (1920, 1080);
@center = (-.743653135, .131826563);
$zoom = .000014628;
$max_it = 700;
$oversample = 2;
$_ *= $oversample for (@size);
open $fh, "|-", "convert -size ".join("x",@size)." -depth 8 gray:- ".
"-resize ".(100/$oversample)."% mandel.png";
for $py (1 .. $size[1]) {
View DateParsingPerformanceComparison.m
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "sqlite3.h"
typedef int64_t timestamp;
NSUInteger randomNumberInRange(NSUInteger start, NSUInteger end);
// Create a sample date using the ISO-8601 format.
// 2013-04-23T16:29:05Z
NSString* generateSampleDate();
ccgus / gist:3238464
Created Aug 2, 2012
FMDB custom functions
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[db makeFunctionNamed:@"UTTypeConformsTo" maximumArguments:2 withBlock:^(sqlite3_context *context, int argc, sqlite3_value **argv) {
if (sqlite3_value_type(argv[0]) == SQLITE_TEXT) {
const unsigned char *a = sqlite3_value_text(argv[0]);
const unsigned char *b = sqlite3_value_text(argv[1]);
CFStringRef as = CFStringCreateWithCString(0x00, (const char*)a, kCFStringEncodingUTF8);
CFStringRef bs = CFStringCreateWithCString(0x00, (const char*)b, kCFStringEncodingUTF8);
sqlite3_result_int(context, UTTypeConformsTo(as, bs));
sburlot / send_sms.php
Created Dec 30, 2012
PHP script to send SMS via the Infomaniak website. You need to have an account ( and add some credits to send SMS. This script was used to send sms alerts automatically, but you can use to send any sms you want (happy new year, birthday wishes, etc...)
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# Send SMS messages via
# You need an account and have some credits to send SMS
# Stephan Burlot, Dec, 30 2012
// Username (your email address)
define('USER', '');
View haveibeencaffeinated.php
$covfefes = [
javan / gist:1168475
Created Aug 24, 2011
Fix iPhone home button
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Found this tip in comment here:
1.) Open any application
2.) Press and hold the power button until the slide to shutdown swipe bar appears.
3.) Release Power button
4.) Press and hold Home button Lightly
until screen returns to icon screen
0xced / XCDFakeCarrier.m
Last active Aug 4, 2020
Hack to choose the displayed carrier name in the iOS simulator
View XCDFakeCarrier.m
// Copyright (c) 2012-2015 Cédric Luthi / @0xced. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
static const char *fakeCarrier;
static const char *fakeTime;
sburlot /
Created Mar 8, 2014
Creates a ramdisk and start Xcode with the DerivedData stored in ramdisk. Also deletes the ramdisk and reset Xcode prefs.
# Creates a ramdisk and start Xcode with the DerivedData stored in ramdisk. Also deletes the ramdisk and reset Xcode prefs.
# - creates a ramdisk, set Xcode DerivedData to this disk and start Xcode.
# - umount a ramdisk, set Xcode DerivedData to default
# Stephan Burlot, Coriolis Technologies,
# based on Alex Shevchenko script (
# based on Diego Freniche script (