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Vim syntax highlighting for Vagrant. Drop this into $HOME/.vim/plugin/vagrant.vim to activate.
" Teach vim to syntax highlight Vagrantfile as ruby
" Install: $HOME/.vim/plugin/vagrant.vim
" Author: Brandon Philips <>
augroup vagrant
au BufRead,BufNewFile Vagrantfile set filetype=ruby
augroup END
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fmdlc commented Jan 23, 2016

Thanks for share it :)

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hoto commented Mar 18, 2016

thanks, love it

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sentient-wsaglime commented Jul 22, 2016


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vrwired commented Jul 28, 2016

good deal .. thanks!

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Moep90 commented Oct 4, 2016

Love it! Thx

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edward2a commented Feb 23, 2017

Good stuff!

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crunchy101 commented Jan 23, 2019


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fabianoflorentino commented Jun 6, 2019

Thks a lot!

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ipotseluev commented Feb 17, 2021


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caio-vinicius commented Aug 20, 2021

Thanks, good stuff!

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