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Created March 21, 2012 19:22
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QR Code Generator - Part of Whitelabel Framework
//uses the same arguments as WordPress "checked()" function
//but adds the argument submitted and "default"to allow you
//to set the default checked value of the checkbox
function wlwp_checked($checkboxPostedValue, $checkboxDefaultValue = 'on', $echo = false, $requiredField = NULL, $default = false) {
if(empty($requiredField) || (isset($_REQUEST[$requiredField]) && !empty($_REQUEST[$requiredField])) ) {
return checked($checkboxPostedValue, $checkboxDefaultValue, $echo);
//if a required field is set, and the required field has not been submitted
//then page is loading for the first time and needs to load default value (whole point of the function)
elseif($default) {
if($echo) echo 'checked="checked"';
return 'checked="checked"';
else { global $errors; $errors['wlwp_checked'] = 'wlwp_checked() function failed'; }
function qr_code_builder($atts, $content = null) {
if(isset($_REQUEST['qrSubmission']) && !empty($_REQUEST['qrSubmission'])) {
if(!isset($_REQUEST['qrTrackingParam']) || $_REQUEST['qrTrackingParam'] != 'on') $qr_param = '';
elseif(stristr($_REQUEST['qrSubmission'], '?')) $qr_param = '&qr=yes';
else $qr_param = '?qr=yes';
$qr_codes = '<p>'.esc_url($_REQUEST['qrSubmission']).
$qr_param.'<br /><img src="'.
else {
$qr_codes = '<p><br /><img src="'.get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/images/myanthem/create-qr-code-sample.png"></p>';
$qr_code_form_defaults['tracking'] = 'checked="checked"';
$qr_code_form_EOL = '<br />';
$qr_code_form_EOL = apply_filters('wlwp_qr_code_form_line_break', $qr_code_form_EOL);
$qr_code_form =
'<form id="qr-code-form" method="post">'.
'<label for="qrSubmission"> URL: <input type="text" id="qrSubmission" name="qrSubmission" value="'.$_REQUEST['qrSubmission'].'" /></label>'.$qr_code_form_EOL.
'<label for="qrTrackingParam">(default checked) Tracking Parameter: <input type="checkbox" '.checked($_REQUEST['qrOptionsTrackingA'], 'on', false).' id="qrTrackingParam" name="qrOptionsTrackingA" /></label>'.$qr_code_form_EOL.
'<label for="qrTrackingParam">(custom checked) Tracking Parameter: <input type="checkbox" '.wlwp_checked($_REQUEST['qrOptionsTrackingB'], 'on', false).' id="qrTrackingParam" name="qrOptionsTrackingB" /></label>'.$qr_code_form_EOL.
'<label for="qrTrackingParam">(custom checked->on) Tracking Parameter: <input type="checkbox" '.wlwp_checked($_REQUEST['qrOptionsTrackingC'], 'on', false, 'qrSubmission', true).' id="qrTrackingParam" name="qrOptionsTrackingC" /></label>'.$qr_code_form_EOL.
'<input type="submit" value="Build QR Code" />'.
return $qr_code_form.$qr_codes;
add_shortcode("qr-code-builder", "qr_code_builder");
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just built my own extended function, to allow "default value" for the checkbox, the shortcode now spits out 3 tests of the same checkbox for testing, 1 using the old checked() function, 1 using the new "wlwp_checked" function with the exact same parameters, and the final example to show the new "default checked value".

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