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scealux/Project Code

Created May 20, 2019
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Code for first Object Project
// Adafruit NeoPixel - Version: Latest
#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h>
#ifdef __AVR__
#include <avr/power.h>
//set out signal pin
#define PIN 9
//Set up pixel strip
Adafruit_NeoPixel strip = Adafruit_NeoPixel(6, PIN, NEO_GRB + NEO_KHZ800);
//Create initial RGB Target Values
int targetR = random(1,255);
int targetG = random(1,255);
int targetB = random(1,255);
void setup() {
//start the strip
//initialize all pixels to 'off';
//initialize serial comm -- for debug
//Set Pinmodes
pinMode(3, OUTPUT);
pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
pinMode(6, OUTPUT);
int randRGB(){
return random(1,255);
void loop() {
//Read the position of the input
int redIn = analogRead(0)/4;
int greenIn = analogRead(1)/4;
int blueIn = analogRead(2)/4;
//Get the differences between target and actual RGB values
int redDif = redIn - targetR;
int greenDif = greenIn - targetG;
int blueDif = blueIn - targetB;
//Figure out if the input is close enough to the target.
if (abs(redDif) <= 40 && abs(greenDif) <= 40 && abs(blueDif) <= 40){
targetR = randRGB();
targetG = randRGB();
targetB = randRGB();
// Serial.println("R: "+String(redValue) + " G: "+ String(greenValue) + " B: "+String(blueValue));
for(uint16_t i=0; i<strip.numPixels(); i++){
//Update Input LED from sliders.
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