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Created August 18, 2011 04:51
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plumbing cheat sheet

the plumbing commands

  • rev-parse [something]

    • show the SHA of any weird git phrase
  • hash-object -w [file]

    • take any file or stdin and return a blob sha
  • ls-tree (-r) [sha]

    • show the entries of a git tree in the db
  • ls-files -s

    • show the entries of the index
  • read-tree

    • make the index look like a git tree in the db
  • update-index

    • take an existing blob or a file from the work tree and update the index entry
  • write-tree

    • record the current state of the index into a git tree in the db and return the sha
  • commit-tree

    • create a commit object from a git tree in the db
  • update-ref

    • update a branch (or other reference) to point to a specific commit sha
  • symbolic-ref

    • update a reference (usually HEAD) to point to another reference (like a branch)
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ddcz12 commented Sep 15, 2018

What about cat-file -p and cat-file -t?

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