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Forked from algal/SwiftSet.swift
Last active Aug 13, 2018
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struct MySet<KeyType : Hashable> : Sequence, ArrayLiteralConvertible
var dictionaryOfItems = Dictionary<KeyType,Bool>()
typealias GeneratorType = MapSequenceGenerator<Dictionary<KeyType, Bool>.GeneratorType, KeyType>
init() {}
init(array: KeyType[]) {
for item in array {
self.dictionaryOfItems.updateValue(true, forKey: item)
func addObject(item:KeyType) -> Void {
self.dictionaryOfItems.updateValue(true, forKey: item)
func containsObject(item:KeyType) -> Bool {
return self.dictionaryOfItems[item].getLogicValue()
func generate() -> GeneratorType {
return dictionaryOfItems.keys.generate()
static func convertFromArrayLiteral (elements: KeyType...) -> MySet<KeyType> {
return MySet (array: elements)
// the ArrayLiteralConvertible lets you do
let set : MySet<Int> = [1,2,3]

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@algal algal commented Jun 11, 2014

Cool. A clear improvement. I don't understand the reason for "Map" in MapSequenceGenerator, or how it relates to the DictionaryGenerator.

A little worrying how reifying all these abstractions into types is quickly producing Java-esque names for things, like three car pile-ups of abstract nouns, instead of the sanity of Cocoa. We'll see how it goes..

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