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Scripts for building Leonberger Bibel for Logos

Scripts for building Leonberger Bibel for Logos

  • Download OSIS xmls from
  • Download BibleMultiConverter Logos Edition (0.0.6 or higher) from
  • Stuff everything into one directory
  • Run commands from preprocess.cmd, ignore warnings (or set -Dbiblemulticonverter.osis.warningcontext=true) and send them to Thomas
  • Open resulting html files in Libreoffice 6.x or higher (import filter "LibreOffice Writer/Web") and export them unchanged (export filter "Word 2007-2019")
  • Run commands from postprocess.cmd
  • Test resulting .docx files in Logos and send them to Thomas
<h1>${name}<br/>Wort. Weg. Wahrheit.</h1>
Stand: ${date}</p>
Diese Bibel steht unter einer <a href=""><font color="#6666ff">Creative Commons Namensnennung-NichtKommerziell-KeineBearbeitung 3.0 Unported Lizenz</font></a>.<br/>
Über diese Lizenz hinausgehende Erlaubnisse können Sie unter <a href=""><font color="#6666ff"></font></a> erhalten.</p>
@echo off
set DESTJAR=BibleMultiConverter-LogosEdition.jar
java -Xmx1G -jar %DESTJAR% LogosNestedHyperlinkPostprocessor leo-na28.raw.logos.docx leo-na28.2018-0x-xx.logos.docx
java -Xmx1G -jar %DESTJAR% LogosNestedHyperlinkPostprocessor leo-rp18.raw.logos.docx leo-rp18.2018-0x-xx.logos.docx
@echo off
rd /s /q work
mkdir work
set DESTJAR=BibleMultiConverter-LogosEdition.jar
set OSISPROPERTIES=-Dbiblemulticonverter.keepwhitespace=false
java %OSISPROPERTIES% -jar %DESTJAR% OSIS leo-na28-osis.xml Diffable leo-na28.txt
type leonberger-footer.txt >>leo-na28.txt
java -jar %DESTJAR% Diffable leo-na28.txt LogosHTML leo-na28.raw.logos.html BibleELBER header-template.html -inline
java %OSISPROPERTIES% -jar %DESTJAR% OSIS leo-rp18-osis.xml Diffable leo-rp18.txt
type leonberger-footer.txt >>leo-rp18.txt
java -jar %DESTJAR% Diffable leo-rp18.txt LogosHTML leo-rp18.raw.logos.html BibleBYZ header-template.html -inline
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