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Created February 20, 2013 15:35
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name "opscode-hubot"
maintainer "Seth Chisamore"
maintainer_email ""
license "All rights reserved"
description "Installs/Configures opscode-hubot"
long_description, ''))
version "1.0.1"
depends "hubot", "~> 1.0.1"
depends "rsyslog"
# Cookbook Name:: opscode-hubot
# Recipe:: default
# Copyright (c) 2013, Opscode, Inc.
node.set['hubot']['version'] = "2.4.6"
node.set['hubot']['scripts_version'] = "2.4.1"
node.set['hubot']['install_dir'] = "/srv/hubot"
node.set['hubot']['adapter'] = "hipchat"
node.set['hubot']['dependencies'] = {
"hubot-hipchat" => ">= 2.4.5",
"node-stringprep" => "0.1.5"
node.set_unless['opscode-hubot']['hipchat_rooms'] = %w{
node.set['hubot']['hubot_scripts'] = %w{
node.set['hubot']['config'] = {
"HUBOT_HIPCHAT_JID" => node['opscode-hubot']['hipchat_jid'],
"HUBOT_HIPCHAT_PASSWORD" => node['opscode-hubot']['hipchat_password'],
"HUBOT_HIPCHAT_ROOMS" => node['opscode-hubot']['hipchat_rooms'].join(","),
# OS packages required by assorted Hubot scripts
%w{ libexpat1 libexpat1-dev libicu-dev }.each do |pkg|
package pkg do
action :install
include_recipe "hubot"
# Opscode custom Hubot scripts
remote_directory "#{node['hubot']['install_dir']}/scripts" do
source "scripts"
files_backup 0
files_owner node['hubot']['user']
files_group node['hubot']['group']
files_mode 00644
owner node['hubot']['user']
group node['hubot']['group']
overwrite true
mode 00755
notifies :restart, "service[hubot]", :delayed
include_recipe "rsyslog"
template '/etc/rsyslog.d/30-hubot.conf' do
source 'rsyslog.conf.erb'
owner 'root'
group 'root'
mode '644'
notifies :restart, 'service[rsyslog]'
template '/etc/logrotate.d/hubot' do
source 'logrotate.erb'
owner 'root'
group 'root'
mode '644'
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martinb3 commented Sep 3, 2014

@schisamo Any chance you would be willing to share your logrotate and rsyslog templates?

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