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@schlomo schlomo/sshrc
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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SSH RC script that helps me with reconnected screen sessions and deploys my personal environment
# xauth handling, code adapted from sshd(8)
if type -p xauth >/dev/null && read proto cookie && [[ "$DISPLAY" ]]; then
if [[ "${DISPLAY:0:10}" = 'localhost:' ]] ; then
# X11UseLocalhost=yes
#echo add unix:"${DISPLAY:11}" $proto $cookie #### egrehm changed to :10 because seems to be broken on rhel6 and clones
echo add unix:"${DISPLAY:10}" $proto $cookie
# X11UseLocalhost=no
echo add "$DISPLAY" $proto $cookie
fi | xauth -q -
# make ssh agent accessible through predictable socket path
# (required to reconnect to screen sessions and keeping ssh agent working)
if [[ "$SSH_AUTH_SOCK" && "$SSH_AUTH_SOCK" != ~/.ssh/ssh_auth_sock ]] ; then
mkdir -p ~/.ssh
ln -sf $SSH_AUTH_SOCK ~/.ssh/ssh_auth_sock
# unpack personal environment
if [[ "$USERHOME_DATA" ]] ; then
base64 -d <<<"$USERHOME_DATA" | tar -xzC ~
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