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* Generate modman file from Magento Connect 2.0 package.xml
* Usage:
* php package2modman.php path/to/package.xml > path/to/modman
require_once(__DIR__ . "/../www/app/Mage.php");
$package = new Mage_Connect_Package($argv[1]);
$modmanDefinition = array();
foreach ($package->getContents() as $path) {
$path = preg_replace('{^\./}', '', $path);
$path = preg_replace('{^app/code/(.*?)/(.*?)/(.*?)/(.*)$}', 'app/code/$1/$2/$3', $path);
$path = preg_replace('{^lib/(.*?)/(.*)$}', 'lib/$1', $path);
$path = preg_replace('{^js/(.*?)/(.*?)/(.*)$}', 'js/$1', $path);
$path = preg_replace('{^app/design/(.*?)/(.*?)/default/layout/(.*?)/(.*)$}', 'app/design/$1/$2/default/layout/$3', $path);
$path = preg_replace('{^app/design/(.*?)/(.*?)/default/template/(.*?)/(.*)$}', 'app/design/$1/$2/default/template/$3', $path);
$path = preg_replace('{^skin/(.*?)/(.*?)/default/(.*?)/(.*?)/(.*)$}', 'skin/$1/$2/default/$3/$4', $path);
$modmanDefinition[$path] = $path;
foreach ($modmanDefinition as $source => $target) {
printf("%s %s\n", $source, $target);

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commented Apr 24, 2017

wenn du das als repo machst und ne modman dazu packst, kann man das sogar ganz schön mit integrieren :)

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