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getBgImage: Simple Jquery Plugin to get the dimensions or other attributes from a css background-image
// Inspired by, a simple jquery plugin who does the task
$.fn.getBgImage = function(callback) {
var height = 0;
var path = $(this).css('background-image').replace('url', '').replace('(', '').replace(')', '').replace('"', '').replace('"', '');
var tempImg = $('<img />');
tempImg.hide(); //hide image
tempImg.bind('load', callback);
$('body').append(tempImg); // add to DOM before </body>
tempImg.attr('src', path);
$('#tempImg').remove(); //remove from DOM
// usage
$("#background").getBgImage(function() {

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mihawk90 commented Mar 18, 2013

I know this is a year old, but I just found it on the StackOverflow question.

I got 2 things that could be done better:

First, in line 5 just use the slice() function as suggested in
Second: the remove() can't work with the mentioned syntax. It would need to be something like $(tempImg).remove(); as you want to reference an object, not an ID, which you didn't define earlier.

Other than that, thanks for the code, could use it well :)

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