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schmonz /
Created January 8, 2024 15:28
Grow root filesystem on old Debian VMs
cp *.qcow2 qcow2.BACKUP

qemu-img resize *.qcow2 50G


fdisk -l

swapoff -a
schmonz /
Last active December 13, 2023 18:43
pkgcenter intro for schmonzes and maybe other people


pkgcenter is a tool for people who

  1. Rely on native Unix system packages for software dependency management
  2. Must manage dependency risks beyond the capabilities of native Unix package tools

Real-world example 1

Let's say you're on Enterprise Linux 7 and working through the EL9 upgrade.

schmonz / 20211031-macbook2,
Last active December 3, 2022 21:45
64-bit Ubuntu on MacBook2,1 with 32-bit EFI

A year later, I think (but can't be sure I'm remembering correctly) that I did this with Ubuntu 21.10.


  1. Download Ubuntu install 2. Using Rufus for Windows, write it to a USB stick
  2. Remove rEFInd from the old Mac
  3. Download bootable-CD rEFInd 2. Using Rufus for Windows, write it to a USB stick
  4. Download a special bootia32.efi
schmonz /
Last active September 3, 2020 07:36
2021 conferences of interest

(Last year's list)

2021: Attended

Start End Place Event CFP

2021: Will Attend

| Start | End | Place | Event | CFP |

schmonz /
Last active October 21, 2019 14:54
2020 conferences of interest

(Last year's list)

2020: Attended

Start End Place Event CFP

2020: Will Attend

| Start | End | Place | Event | CFP |

schmonz /
Last active October 1, 2019 12:14
2019 conferences of interest
pkg_comp: I: Creating sandbox
pkg_comp: I: Bootstrapping pkg tools
pkg_comp: I: Setting up bootstrap in /opt/.pkg-20180804 from scratch
===> bootstrap command: ./bootstrap --gzip-binary-kit=/pkg_comp/packages/pkg/bootstrap.tgz --make-jobs=1 --mk-fragment=/pkg_comp/work/mk.conf.fragment --pkgdbdir=/opt/.pkg-20180804/libdata/pkgdb --prefix=/opt/.pkg-20180804 --sysconfdir=/etc --varbase=/var --workdir=/pkg_comp/work/pkg/bootstrap
===> bootstrap started: Sat Aug 4 17:00:17 UTC 2018
Working directory is: /pkg_comp/work/pkg/bootstrap
===> running: /usr/bin/sed -e 's|@DEFAULT_INSTALL_MODE@|'0755'|' /pkg_comp/pkgsrc/sysutils/install-sh/files/ > /pkg_comp/work/pkg/bootstrap/bin/install-sh
===> running: /bin/chmod +x /pkg_comp/work/pkg/bootstrap/bin/install-sh
===> Creating default mk.conf in /pkg_comp/work/pkg/bootstrap
===> running: /bin/sh /pkg_comp/work/pkg/bootstrap/bin/install-sh -d -o root -g wheel /pkg_comp/work/pkg/bootstrap/sbin
vbox_is_running() {
count=$(VBoxManage showvminfo "$1" | grep -c 'running (since')
[ 0 -lt $count ]
vbox_start_if_needed() {
vbox_is_running "$1" || VBoxManage startvm "$1" --type headless
#!/usr/bin/env perl
# in .qmail:
# | rewriteto something@somewhere.else | forward something@somewhere.else
use warnings;
use strict;
sub munge_to_header {
my ($new_to) = @_;
schmonz /
Last active February 3, 2018 18:09
files attached to bug report for Perl5 track

Space Age

Write a program that, given an age in seconds, calculates how old someone is in terms of a given planet's solar years.

Given an age in seconds, calculate how old someone would be on:

  • Earth: orbital period 365.25 Earth days, or 31557600 seconds
  • Mercury: orbital period 0.2408467 Earth years
  • Venus: orbital period 0.61519726 Earth years
  • Mars: orbital period 1.8808158 Earth years