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Environment Setup
# Sets up basic development environment for ruby and nodejs
# Install Homebrew
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
# Install Homebrew basics
brew install adns apr apr-util archey aspell atk augeas autoconf automake aws-cfn-tools aws-elasticbeanstalk awscli boost cairo certbot clamav cmake convox coreutils dialog dos2unix doxygen ec2-api-tools elasticsearch erlang faac ffmpeg flow fontconfig freetds freetype gcc gd gdbm gettext gifsicle git glew glib gmp gnupg gnupg2 gnutls go gobject-introspection gource graphviz heroku htop htop-osx hub icu4c imagemagick isl jhead jpeg jpegoptim lame libassuan libevent libffi libgcrypt libgpg-error libidn2 libksba libmpc libpng libpq libtasn1 libtiff libtool libunistring libusb libusb-compat libvo-aacenc libxml2 libyaml libzip mcrypt memcached mhash mpfr mysql nettle node npth nvm openssl optipng overmind p11-kit pcre pgcli phantomjs php pinentry pinentry-mac pixman pkg-config prettyping pth python python3 python@2 qt rbenv readline redis rename ruby-build sdl2 sdl2_image sl sqlite texi2html thefuck tmux unixodbc v8 watchman webp wget wxmac x264 xctool xvid xz yasm youtube-dl z zlib zsh zsh-syntax-highlighting
# Install development apps
brew cask install 1password daisydisk ghost knock alfred dash github launchcontrol postgres the-unarchiver android-sdk dbvisualizer google-chrome macdown postico android-studio postman atom deluge handbrake mailplane bartender docker transmit base vagrant blender docker-toolbox iexplorer mysqlworkbench sketch virtualbox dropbox istat-menus ngrok skitch visual-studio-code fantastical iterm2 skype firefox java slack vlc charles opera wireshark keepingyouawake parallels encryptme keybase parse steam xquartz codeblocks gas-mask kindle plex-media-player
# Make Mission Control animation tolerably fast.
defaults write expose-animation-duration -float 0.1
killall Dock
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