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Run a WPF Window loaded from a xaml file in ClojureCLR and modify it at the REPL
;reference wpf assemblys
(import '(System.Reflection Assembly))
(Assembly/LoadWithPartialName "PresentationFramework")
(Assembly/LoadWithPartialName "PresentationCore")
(Assembly/LoadWithPartialName "WindowsBase")
(Assembly/LoadWithPartialName "System.Xml")
(ns wpf
(:import (System.Windows Application Window))
(:import (System.Windows.Threading Dispatcher DispatcherPriority))
(:import (System.Threading ApartmentState ThreadStart Thread AutoResetEvent))
(:import (System.IO File))
(:import (System.Xml XmlReader))
(:import (System.Windows.Markup XamlReader))
; (:require [ :as c])
(def win (atom nil))
(defn -main [& args]
; (let [[options args banner]
; (c/cli args
; ["-x" "--xaml" "xaml file to load with window as root" :default "MainWindow.xaml"])]
; (comment
(let [app (new Application)]
(reset! win (-> (first args)
(.set_Title @win "Hello World!")
(.Run app @win)))
(defn sta-thread [func]
(let [delegate (gen-delegate ThreadStart [] (func))
thread (doto (new Thread delegate)
(.SetApartmentState ApartmentState/STA)
(defn wpf-eval
[uithread repl-ns-sym data]
(.Invoke (Dispatcher/FromThread uithread) DispatcherPriority/Normal
(gen-delegate Action []
(in-ns repl-ns-sym)
(eval data)))))
(let [uithread (sta-thread (apply partial -main *command-line-args*))]
(clojure.main/repl :eval (partial wpf-eval uithread 'wpf)))
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