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Created February 9, 2020 19:41
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Option Explicit
Public Sub Main()
Dim htmlDocument As htmlDocument
Dim tableWithStories As HTMLTable
Dim rowsWithStories As IHTMLElementCollection
Dim storylinkAnchors As Collection
Dim output As Variant
Set htmlDocument = GetHtmlDocument("")
Set tableWithStories = GetTableWithStories(htmlDocument)
Set rowsWithStories = GetRowsWithStories(tableWithStories)
Set storylinkAnchors = GetStorylinkAnchors(rowsWithStories)
Let output = BuildOutput(storylinkAnchors)
Call Display(output)
End Sub
Private Function GetHtmlDocument(url As String) As htmlDocument
Dim http As ServerXMLHTTP60
Dim htmlDoc As htmlDocument
Set http = New ServerXMLHTTP60
Set htmlDoc = New htmlDocument
With http
' Send an HTTP request
.Open bstrMethod:="GET", bstrUrl:=url, varAsync:=False
' Check if the request has succeeded
If (.Status = 200) Then
' Inject raw HTML string into HTML document object
htmlDoc.body.innerHTML = .responseText
End If
End With
' Return
Set GetHtmlDocument = htmlDoc
End Function
Private Function GetTableWithStories(htmlDoc As htmlDocument) As HTMLTable
Dim allTables As IHTMLElementCollection
' Get all available HTML tables
Set allTables = htmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("table")
' Return the 3rd table containing Hacker News stories
Set GetTableWithStories = allTables.Item(2)
End Function
Private Function GetRowsWithStories(tableWithStories As HTMLTable) As IHTMLElementCollection
' <tr> rows with stories on Hacker News have class "athing"
Set GetRowsWithStories = tableWithStories.getElementsByClassName("athing")
End Function
Private Function GetStorylinkAnchors(tableRowsWithStories As IHTMLElementCollection) As Collection
Dim storyRow As HTMLTableRow
Dim storylink As HTMLAnchorElement
Dim storylinksCollection As Collection
' Create empty collection to hold <a> elements with title and link
Set storylinksCollection = New Collection
' Extract <a> elements with class "storylink" from <tr> rows
For Each storyRow In tableRowsWithStories
Set storylink = storyRow.getElementsByClassName("storylink").Item(0)
storylinksCollection.Add Item:=storylink
Next storyRow
' Return
Set GetStorylinkAnchors = storylinksCollection
End Function
Private Function BuildOutput(storylinks As Collection) As Variant
Dim output As Variant
Dim storylink As HTMLAnchorElement
Dim rowIndex As Long
ReDim output(1 To storylinks.Count, 1 To 2)
For Each storylink In storylinks
Let rowIndex = rowIndex + 1
Let output(rowIndex, 1) = storylink.textContent
Let output(rowIndex, 2) = storylink.href
Next storylink
' Return
Let BuildOutput = output
End Function
Public Sub Display(output As Variant)
Dim targetWorksheet As Worksheet
Dim rowsQuantity As Long
Dim columnsQuantity As Long
Set targetWorksheet = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1)
Let rowsQuantity = UBound(output, 1)
Let columnsQuantity = 2
With targetWorksheet
.Range(.Cells(1, 1), .Cells(rowsQuantity, columnsQuantity)) = output
End With
End Sub
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