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Install xmonad with java patch
# Codification of discussion at
# Probably better to run each of these lines one by one instead of as a shell
# script, since there's a high probability of `cabal install` failing (usually
# fixed by installing the relevant libfoo-dev package)
# One person said these steps did not work.
# My Java version is:
# java version "1.6.0_34"
# Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_34-b04)
# Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 20.9-b04, mixed mode)
# My xmonad file:
# Notice that it sets the window name to LG3D
darcs get --tag 0.10
darcs get --tag 0.10
wget -O track-current-processing-event.dpatch
cd xmonad
darcs apply ../track-current-processing-event.dpatch
cabal install
cd ../XMonadContrib
sed -i -e '/XMonad.Hooks.ICCCMFocus/d' xmonad-contrib.cabal
cabal install
# Recompile xmonad, and make sure to restart it (Meta+Q does not always work for me)
# You can see how long xmonad has been running with
# ps ax -o comm,etime | grep xmonad

The wget URL didn't work for me. I got the dpatch from comment 33 here:

And it works perfectly!

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