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CMake force use of presets

CMake force use of presets

This approach uses a sentinel environment variable to effectively force the users to use CMake Presets for configure and build steps.

This approach uses a small auxiliary CMake script as a PRE_BUILD step for a target to check a sentinel environment variable and fail the configure or build step if it is not set.

Tested with CMake generators: MinGW Makefiles, Ninja, Unix Makefiles, Visual Studio 17 2022

Reference question

These non-preset command sequences all fail intentionally as they don't use presets:

cmake -Bbuild

# or

cmake --preset default
cmake --build build

These preset commands succeed

cmake --preset default

cmake --build --preset default
if(NOT DEFINED ENV{sentinel})
message(FATAL_ERROR "sentinel not set--cmake presets must be used")
# force use of presets via sentinel environment variable set in presets only
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.21)
project(envpre LANGUAGES C)
message(STATUS "sentinel: $ENV{sentinel}")
add_executable(main main.c)
"version": 3,
"configurePresets": [
"name": "default",
"displayName": "Default Config",
"binaryDir": "${sourceDir}/build",
"environment": {
"sentinel": "MyConfigure"
"buildPresets": [
"name": "default",
"configurePreset": "default",
"environment": {
"sentinel": "MyBuild"
int main() { return 0; }
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