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Intel oneAPI GitHub Actions with MKL and MPI (C, C++, Fortran) and CMake
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
CC: icx
CXX: icpx
FC: ifort
- name: Intel Apt repository
timeout-minutes: 1
run: |
sudo apt-key add GPG-PUB-KEY-INTEL-SW-PRODUCTS-2023.PUB
echo "deb all main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/oneAPI.list
sudo apt-get update
- name: Install Intel oneAPI
timeout-minutes: 5
run: sudo apt-get install intel-oneapi-compiler-fortran intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-and-cpp-classic intel-oneapi-mpi intel-oneapi-mpi-devel intel-oneapi-mkl ninja-build
- name: checkout project code
uses: actions/checkout@v2
- name: Setup Intel oneAPI environment
run: |
source /opt/intel/oneapi/
printenv >> $GITHUB_ENV
- name: CMake Configure
run: cmake -B build
- name: CMake build
run: cmake --build build
- name: CMake test
run: ctest --test-dir build
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scivision commented Aug 13, 2021

Set env: CC: etc workflow-wide so that ExternalProjects get the Intel compiler too

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Koushikphy commented Jun 26, 2022

Can you update this with caching the installation step?

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scivision commented Jun 26, 2022
This uses auxiliary scripts and cache still takes a couple minutes to setup. I didn't switch to cached in other projects as a result of not much time savings and additional setup hassle

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Koushikphy commented Jun 27, 2022

I was using the exact same Install Intel oneAPI step (without the ninja_build) and the apt installation takes almost 3 and half minutes, whereas the cache setup took 50 sec.

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