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Trying to make it so I can choose stocks with a dynamic map
import holoviews as hv
from bokeh.models import CheckboxGroup
from bokeh.sampledata.stocks import AAPL, GOOG
from holoviews import opts
from holoviews.plotting.links import RangeToolLink
import pandas as pd
from holoviews.streams import Stream
renderer = hv.renderer('bokeh')
aapl_df = pd.DataFrame(AAPL['close'], columns=['close'], index=pd.to_datetime(AAPL['date']))
goog_df = pd.DataFrame(GOOG['close'], columns=['close'], index=pd.to_datetime(GOOG['date'])) = 'Date' = 'Date'
aapl_curve = hv.Curve(aapl_df, 'Date', ('close', 'Price ($)'))
goog_curve = hv.Curve(goog_df, 'Date', ('close', 'Price ($)'))
chosen_stocks_stream = Stream.define('Toggle Stocks', active=[0, 1])()
def stocks_callback(active, holder_crv):
print(f"Callback {active}")
src = [('aapl', aapl_curve), ('goog', goog_curve)]
d = {k: v for (i, (k, v)) in enumerate(src) if i in active}
d['_'] = holder_crv
print(f"Plts = {d}")
overlay = hv.NdOverlay(d)
return overlay
def layout_cb(active):
# Doing this, because it seems you can't RangeLinkTool with NdOverlay?
src_crv = hv.Curve([])
tgt_crv = hv.Curve([])
tgt = stocks_callback(active, tgt_crv).relabel('').opts(width=800, height=400, labelled=['y'])
src = stocks_callback(active, src_crv).relabel('').opts(width=800, height=200, yaxis=None, default_tools=[])
RangeToolLink(src_crv, tgt_crv)
layout = (tgt + src).cols(1)
layout.opts(opts.Layout(shared_axes=False, merge_tools=False))
return layout
def change_active_stocks(attr, old, new):
#Comment the other layout line and uncomment this one and the range tool stops working
#layout = hv.DynamicMap(layout_cb, streams=[chosen_stocks_stream])
layout = layout_cb([0, 1])
checkbox_group = CheckboxGroup(labels=["AAPL", "GOOG"], active=[0, 1])
checkbox_group.on_change("active", change_active_stocks)
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