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Created August 23, 2017 17:41
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Praat script for more efficient manual TextGrid annotation
# This Praat script makes the process of annotating multiple sound files go
# faster by automating most of the mouse-clicks that are needed to create and
# save new TextGrid files. It takes a folder of sound files. For each sound
# file, the script creates a new TextGrid with the annotation tiers that you
# list in the settings window, then opens that TextGrid along with its
# accompanying sound file. The script pauses while you create annotations for
# the sound file. When you are done creating annotations, press "OK" in the
# pop-up window to save the TextGrid to a file with the same filename as the
# sound file plus a ".TextGrid" extension. After saving the file, the script
# moves on to the next sound file in the folder.
# Interval tiers: Provide a list of names for the interval tiers
# (if any) that will be created in each new
# TextGrid. The tier names should be separated by
# spaces. The default will create two interval
# tiers named "Mary" and "John".
# Point tiers: Provide a list of names for the point tiers
# (if any) in each new TextGrid, with the tier
# names separated by spaces. The default will
# create one point tier named "bell".
# If TextGrid already exists: If the folder that you select already contains
# a TextGrid with the same name as one of the
# sound files, what should the script do with
# that sound file? The default is to skip that
# sound file, or you can also choose to be
# prompted for a new TextGrid filename, or to
# open the existing TextGrid rather than creating
# a new one.
# Sound file extensions: The extension of the sound files in your folder
# (.wav, .flac, etc).
# After you configure the settings, press OK to choose the directory of sound
# files to annotate.
form Settings
sentence Interval_tiers Mary John
sentence Point_tiers bell
optionmenu If_TextGrid_already_exists: 1
option skip the sound file
option create a TextGrid with a different filename
option open and edit the existing TextGrid
word Sound_file_extension .wav
comment Press OK to choose a directory of sound files to annotate.
directory$ = chooseDirectory$: "Choose a directory with 'sound_file_extension$'
... files to annotate."
@getFiles: directory$, sound_file_extension$
tiers$ = interval_tiers$ + " " + point_tiers$
for i to getFiles.length
soundfile = Read from file: getFiles.files$ [i]
@getTextGrid: getFiles.files$ [i]
if !fileReadable (getTextGrid.path$) or if_TextGrid_already_exists > 1
selectObject: soundfile, getTextGrid.textgrid
View & Edit
beginPause: "Annotation"
comment: "Press OK when done to save."
endPause: "OK", 0
selectObject: getTextGrid.textgrid
Save as text file: getTextGrid.path$
removeObject: getTextGrid.textgrid
removeObject: soundfile
procedure getTextGrid: .soundfile$
.path$ = replace$: .soundfile$, sound_file_extension$, ".TextGrid", 0
if !fileReadable: .path$
.textgrid = To TextGrid: tiers$, point_tiers$
elif if_TextGrid_already_exists == 2
.textgrid = To TextGrid: tiers$, point_tiers$
.default$ = mid$: .path$, rindex (.path$, "/") + 1, length (.path$)
.default$ = replace$: .default$, sound_file_extension$, ".TextGrid", 1
.path$ = chooseWriteFile$: "TextGrid already exists in this directory.
... Choose where to save the new TextGrid.", .default$
elif if_TextGrid_already_exists == 3
.textgrid = Read from file: .path$
procedure getFiles: .dir$, .ext$
.obj = Create Strings as file list: "files", .dir$ + "/*" + .ext$
.length = Get number of strings
for .i to .length
.fname$ = Get string: .i
.files$ [.i] = .dir$ + "/" + .fname$
removeObject: .obj
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how may I cite this script?

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Hi! Is there any way to change this script so that instead of annotating the interval text manually, it is generated automatically? In my case, I would like to create an interval for a list of sound files, where the text is simply the sound file name. Thank you!

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