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Last active Sep 21, 2017
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Asynchronous results in Zappa
from zappa.async import task, get_async_response
from flask import Flask
from time import sleep, time
app = Flask(__name__)
def bake():
start = time()
baking = []
for i in range(0, int(request.args.get('num', 3))):
baked = {}
bake_time = 0
while True:
for b in baking:
if b in baked:
response = get_async_response(b)
if response is not None and response['status'] == 'complete':
baked[b] = response['response']
bake_time = bake_time + response['response']['time']
if len(baked) == len(baking):
break # from the (while True)
# not done baking all of the things
elapsed = time() - start
out = "Baked {} items in {} seconds. Baking took {} seconds.\n\n".format(
len(baked), elapsed, bake_time)
for response_id, result in baked.items():
out = out + "Baked a {} in {} seconds.\n".format(
result['what'], result['time'])
return out
def bake_one():
bake_time = randint(1,10)
return {
"what": choice(['pie', 'cake', 'casserole', 'potato']),
"time": bake_time,
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