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Sean's Vermont Hitlist

This is stuff on my hit list when I'm in Vermont:

  • Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • Parker Pie (near HF) for pizza / bottles; they have a great tap list
  • Willys Store in Greensboro for HF bottles and Jasper Hill cheeses (Moses Sleeper, Cabot Clothbound, Alpha Tolman, Harbison, … )
  • There's a roadside pie shop right outside of Elmore State Park
  • Lost Nation brewery in Morristown (lunch, taps)
  • Alchemist in Stowe (the new place)
  • Doc Ponds in Stowe for eats + good taps + good bottles
  • The Bench in Stowe (same)
  • Cabot Annex between Stowe and Waterbury for almost all of the Cabot cheeses + their other products
  • Ben & Jerry's 'cause why not?
  • Prohibition Pig in Waterbury for BBQ + great taps and their own beers
  • Craft Beer Cellar (bottle shop) next door
  • Blackback Pub (dive bar) next door
  • The Reservoir (bar) next door
  • There's a tiny wine bar nearby whose name I can't remember that had Sip pours for $4 when I was there 2 weeks ago
  • Three Penny in Montpelier for great food + taps + bottles
  • Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier for beer + cheese + hippie food
  • Poorhouse Pies (self-service pie shop) as often as possible
  • Healthy Living near Burlington (another coop; same)
  • Trader Joe's 'cause why not
  • Vermont Pub and Brewery because Greg Noonan was a legend and it's worth visiting from time to time, just don't expect the current level of Vermont beer
  • Farmhouse Tap & Grill in Burlington for good food, good taps, good bottles. Usually HF + Lawson's and often tap takeovers for interesting stuff
  • American Flatbread (food + taps, also Zero Gravity brewing)
  • Foam Brewing near the water in Burlington
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