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Zoltán Adamek scorchio

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scorchio / # python - 2020-01-07_15-15-32.txt
Created Jan 21, 2020
python on macOS 10.14.5 - Homebrew build logs
View # python - 2020-01-07_15-15-32.txt
Homebrew build logs for python on macOS 10.14.5
Build date: 2020-01-07 15:15:32
scorchio /
Last active Aug 31, 2017 — forked from wh1tney/
How to deploy a static website to Heroku


This is a quick tutorial explaining how to get a static website hosted on Heroku.

Why do this?

Heroku hosts apps on the internet, not static websites. To get it to run your static portfolio, personal blog, etc., you need to trick Heroku into thinking your website is a PHP app. This tutorial will teach you how.

Basic Assumptions

scorchio / excel_fast_find.vb
Created Apr 23, 2017
"Looping over" values in Excel VBA with Find()/FindNext()
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Dim matchRange As Range, firstMatchRange As Range
Set matchRange = ws.columns(COLUMN_TO_SEARCH_IN).Find( _
What:=VALUE_TO_SEARCH_BY, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchByte:=False)
' Don't forget that the match will be the cell only, you will need
' to get the entire row from that for usual processing.
' Check if there's a match at all
If Not matchRange Is Nothing Then
' Memorize first match to be able to recognize whether we've got
scorchio /
Last active Jul 22, 2016
IEFixerFilter: workaround to get Waffle + Spring Security working in Internet Explorer
// package
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;
import org.springframework.web.filter.GenericFilterBean;
import javax.servlet.FilterChain;
import javax.servlet.ServletException;
import javax.servlet.ServletRequest;
scorchio / unnecessary.htm
Created Jan 7, 2016
Unnecessary HTML which breaks output
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<div class="page" title="Page 14">
<div class="section">
<div class="layoutArea">
<div class="column">
<div class="page" title="Page 15">
<div class="section">
<div class="layoutArea">
<div class="column">
<div class="page" title="Page 16">
<div class="section">
scorchio / worksheet_clear.vb
Created Dec 19, 2013
VBA example code for clearing a worksheet
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Sub ClearSheet()
Dim sheetToClear As Worksheet
Set sheetToClear = ActiveSheet ' Replace this with the sheet reference
' Delete something specific...
' sheetToClear.Cells.ClearFormats
' sheetToClear.Cells.ClearContents
' sheetToClear.Cells.ClearHyperlinks
' ...or every kind of data in the cells
import android.content.res.Resources;
import java.nio.ByteBuffer;
import java.nio.ByteOrder;
scorchio / sample-wysiwyg-ckeditor-config-override.php
Created Jan 17, 2012
Sample for overriding CKeditor settings when used with the WYSIWYG modul in Drupal
View sample-wysiwyg-ckeditor-config-override.php
function scor_ckeditor_config_wysiwyg_editor_settings_alter(&$settings, $context) {
if ($context['profile']->editor == 'ckeditor') {
$settings['toolbar'] = array(
'PasteText', 'PasteFromWord', 'RemoveFormat', '-',
'Link', 'Unlink', 'Anchor', '-',
'Image', 'Flash', 'CreateDiv', 'break', '-',
'Source', 'Maximize'),
scorchio / reveal_foundation_navigation.html
Created Jan 5, 2012
Reveal conflicts with Foundation navigation bar - modal does not launch from navigation bar with data-reveal-id
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- -->
<!--[if lt IE 7]> <html class="no-js lt-ie9 lt-ie8 lt-ie7" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 7]> <html class="no-js lt-ie9 lt-ie8" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 8]> <html class="no-js lt-ie9" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if gt IE 8]><!--> <html lang="en"> <!--<![endif]-->
<meta charset="utf-8" />